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Shanghai Gongkai Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise bred from 30 years of reform in China. The high starting point and high platform are supported by various valve factories. Many senior engineers have more than ten years of design and research experience. Dozens of workshop staff have many years of working experience; Rich experience. Sales staff are always in good service for the development of society. The management team is also from the elite of domestic famous enterprises. Enterprises run by workers are dedicated to serving the society with the spirit of "Tiangong Kaiwu"

工开阀门聚各阀门行业之精英为一体.已具备研发、生产、销售、售后服务配套的企业. 良好的售后服务,使企业质量管理日臻完善.本企业按ISO9001质量体系生产与管理.产品标准有国标GB、机械部标准JB、美标ANSI API-6D、德标DIN、BS、日标JIS等国内外行业标准. 公司设有CAD、CAAP阀门设计开发中心,喷涂流水线、数控机床、等离子焊机、化学成份分析、机械性能测试、硬度测试、光谱分析、无损检测、壁厚测试等各种设备320多台(套)精良的机械加工、检测装备和完善的检测工艺,为生产高品质的阀门产品提供了强有力的保证。严格按GB/T13927-92、ZBJ16006-90试验标准进行检验合格后出厂。闸阀、球阀、蝶阀、截止阀、止回阀、旋塞阀、柱塞阀、调节阀、安全阀、水力控制阀用材有铸铁、铸钢、碳钢、青铜、黄铜、不锈钢、合金钢、PVC、UPVC、球墨铸铁、稀金属.产品使用温度-200℃~+800℃.压力范围0.6Mpa~40Mpa;磅级150LB~1000LB. 公称通径为DN3~2600mm. 驱动方式有手动、蜗轮、齿轮、电动、气动、液动等.广泛应用于建筑、市政、消防、暖通、给排水、电力、冶金、石化、轻纺、食品、医药、燃气等行业,产品畅销全国各地,优质的质量赢得了客户的一致好评和信赖,并远销欧美、中东、东南亚国家和地区。

Gongkai valve is one of the elite in various valve industry. It has developed, produced, sold and after-sales service. Good after-sales service makes the quality management of the enterprise more and more perfect. The enterprise produces and manages according to ISO9001 quality system. The product standards include GB, JB, ANSI API-6D, DIN, BS, JIS, etc The company has CAD, CAAP valve design and development center, spray line, CNC machine tool, plasma welding machine, chemical composition analysis, mechanical property test, hardness test, spectral analysis, non-destructive testing, wall thickness testing and other equipment, more than 320 sets (sets) of excellent mechanical processing, testing equipment and perfect testing technology, which provide a powerful tool for the production of high-quality valve products Guarantee. In strict accordance with GB / T13927-92 and zbj16006-90 test standards, the factory will be delivered after passing the inspection. Gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, stop valve, check valve, plug valve, plunger valve, control valve, safety valve, hydraulic control valve are made of cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, bronze, brass, stainless steel, alloy steel, PVC, UPVC, ductile iron and thin metal. The service temperature of the product is - 200 ℃ ~ + 800 ℃. The pressure range is 0.6MPa ~ 40MPa; The nominal diameter is dn3-2600 mm It is widely used in construction, municipal, fire protection, heating and ventilation, water supply and drainage, electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, light textile, food, medicine, gas and other industries. The products sell well all over the country, and the high quality has won the unanimous praise and trust of customers, and is exported to Europe, America, Middle East and Southeast Asia countries and regions.


The enterprise has always adhered to the tenet of "survival by quality and development by science and technology". Based on the implementation of total quality management, we provide you with high-quality and constantly improved products and services with excellent technology and equipment, advanced and reasonable design, professional production, the quality concept of paying equal attention to appearance and internal, customer-oriented service consciousness and competitive cost


We sincerely welcome customers from home and abroad, users from all walks of life and you Ren to visit and negotiate trade. Looking forward to the future, we are willing to cooperate with you on the road of success and create more brilliance!